Handmade, natural and sinewy, rattan and wicker furniture is the perfect complement to modernist or minimal interiors – and of course in leafy, lush outdoor patios anywhere.

Modern Rattan "Portuguesa" chairsAtelier Vime - traditionally handcrafted rattan and wicker in modern shapes. Featured, the Aramis pendant.

The two terms, rattan and wicker, are really more or less the same thing; rattan is named after the South East Asian palm used for the colonial furniture created by the British and Dutch and wicker is thought to be an iteration of the Scandinavian word for bend or “vika”.

Kike Keller’s modern take on a rattan bed, featured in AD Spain; Portuguesa chairs by Brazilian¬† designer Claudia Moreira Salles; and amazing French trio Atelier Vime‘s Aramis pendant and vintage 1940s rattan chairs and table.