CASANOVA BJORLIN is a design studio with offices in Los Angeles and Stockholm, working across the fields of architecture, interior design, product design and branding. We have designed residential and commercial projects, furniture and lifestyle products, as well as branding concepts for the fashion, real estate and entertainment industries.

Our work is intuitive and devoid of the formulaic, while paying homage to history and tradition. The raw mixes with the refined, tradition with modernism, in a lush personal expression. Touch is as important as sight. A marble top is honed to a velvety finish, a custom closet clad in smooth suede. Spaces are paired down and richly layered. Traditional materials are applied in an unexpected form and manner, charging each design with new energy.

Interiors and furniture reveal the firm’s environmental consciousness, created in harmony with their surroundings. Collaborating with skilled local and international artisans, we create limited edition furniture and objects.